Everything about this day is fragile

The weather, the skin, the worth. Sky mincing tears. Fingers unfortunately low after loosing control to an already sore facial terrain. Fever pitch sensations riveting cysts arm- breast. Ovaries working up courage to bleed, to acknowledge the animal she is, with little feeling of.


16 responses to Everything about this day is fragile

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Sharing a moment of fragility , beautiful 🙂

  1. This is truly a great posting, Jessie. I appreciate your use of the word ‘fragile’, where most may have used some tellingly more self-centric reference. I send you love and best wishes that the day and what follows takes on a more easily endurable tone. H ❤

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks and the love is received with much gratitude. Fragile is a nice word, I agree, all encompassing without specific reasoning and or emotional segregation. Today is raw but all feeling are as equally beautiful . Thank you again 🙂

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks Robert , your sent feels are much appreciated and most felt 🙂

  2. This is quite beautiful Jessie, and melancholic also. There really are some pretty things inside the bag. ” Sky mincing tears” – I love that! x

    – esme floating with Jessie upon the Cloud

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thank you, thank you

      I feel floaty today also 🙂

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Gosh, today is a shocker . Hope yours is looking up, but yes f-r-a-g-I-l-e


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