Biscuit scally-wag revealed

Every time I drive by this biscuit scally-wag, belly cackles rein. Although lately, her outfits have reiterated a likeness to reflective coloured mental states, a state which could leave one feeling apart the movie Saw. Watched, forgotten and never watched again- thankfully- or else sleeping within a sardine wouldn’t be as comfortable.

17 responses to Biscuit scally-wag revealed

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      There was a lady on the scene this time and I asked if she was the dresser or knew much about the stylist . She didn’t but said that the lady (mannequin) is most known amongst her colleagues and causes much laugher also. I wouldn’t say it would be as intense as mine, having done a U-turn mid road travel, obviously hysterical .

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      This side road wheel chair biscuit doesn’t get enough cred , thanks for being so polite !

      • I do rather like photo’s that conjure a story…rather than snaps of just things. Certainly I could write to that picture.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Just, Charlypriest. It rivets the deepest, darkest shadows of my being. The malfunctioned hand being twisted at an unhealthy angle, reflects unjust, insincere body language. Who is this mannequin dresser? And in this case, rubber banding her hat to head? I understand the wind, but a neat bow could have been nicer. Being actually a ‘scooter world’ shop, does he not trust her with an upgraded, automatic model of transport? Instead, almost leaving her to rot with the changing weather, in a wheel chair?

      Sorry, but you said ‘all ears’

  1. Just imagine how she’d ever-so-subtly change the atmosphere of your home, sitting there silently in the hallway as the half-light of dusk drew down . . .

    . . . and then softly coughing.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I’d rush to get my iphone and sit in wait for the next cough, probably

  2. She could be dangerous to drivers. That purple bunnet is something to behold. My dear how do you survive driving or walking past this?

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