“It’s my ideas finger”

The power went off this morning. Halfway through reading many of the blogs I’ve become accustomed to reading, and enjoying, the screen went ‘blimp’ and there was a surge of mechanical silence thought the house. Sitting still for a moment , the cold air of outside gliding past cheeks. It’s always cracked open, the window. No matter what the season, outside breath is always aloud to enter the room. 

A layer of glazes added to some studies.

A trip to the local vegetable store. 

“Why have you got a lightbulb on your finger ?”

“It’s my ideas finger”, she said holding her middle finger towards the thin air beside, polite like

“Do you write in cursive?”

“No, mostly cap locks”

“Can you write ‘this is a list on the back of my list’ – would you write that in cap locks or?”

“No, because it’s a sentence”

“I like your writing”

21 responses to “It’s my ideas finger”

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I know right! This lady is a legend, will grab her name next time and hopefully another tat story

  1. An event within the house; then later meeting up with one who has tattoos’ that compliment the ‘house’ event! The possibilities are endless!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Completely endless. It is also incredible, the about of appliances, you actually use, that need power. Never know until its gone

      • Shirley’s lawnmower died that way over the weekend…wonder if she’s seen someone with a lawnmower tattoo since. Must ask her!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        René Magritte would say ‘this is not a diamond’, I would say ‘it is a tattoo of a diamond’ and then the questioner says ‘what is tattoo, what is finger, what is skin, what is?’. Then we all laugh and move on

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