Little in a big way

Marilyn was a lovely antidote to the effects left by the self-confessed, used-to-be, Coca-Cola kid at the prawn factory. A fill in mask, for some individual who tells people what to do for a living and gets everything they want, usually. Instead of absurdly knowing ones previous hair colour; wearing a prosegur costume; telling of the week to himself; pro-creating harmonies with stick kung-fu, and, has a three- year- old the size of me (apparently) at home, Marilyn just greeted with tired eyes and some dialogue. The initial dialogue completely reluctant to memory. Perhaps she was just over it.

As a gift for standing in front of the How to Pack a Bag class, as the petrified versatile human scarf -the now- overly tired Marilyn, handed over a rather heavy book titled ‘A Life of Colour’. There is something about holding a heavy book, knowing its worth and receiving gifts in general. All feel deep. Deep end pool, where Band-Aids, loose toe nails and stray hairs lie.

It was also the first time, in a long time, when asked what takes most space in life, I said ‘I am a painter’ in the seafood shop top, and not ‘I work at a fish factory’ in still, the seafood fish shop top. Which actually was specified, by Marilyn as my colour. Mouth proceeded to loose itself to colour talk, and a poor cranial stated Marilyn, fetching tea after a day of telling people their colour season, did the ‘I don’t care, but Ill pretend I am listening –uhm’. Those polite uhums are the best, because mirror has been constructed and mouth can reflect a while. These ears need a rest.

Thanks Marilyn Little, you are bigger than your last name suggests.

15 responses to Little in a big way

  1. Wow wow… Love your prose my darling. It’s so precise, that kind of every sentence leads into the labyrinth and at the end the clay is shaped prose I have long adored.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Oh you are so kind, thanks so much Shey. It really is nice to hear, as writing for me is not as natural as image making.

      • Well, you write very naturally with great flow. So you wouldn’t know that it may not be natural to you when I read your work.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        That really makes me feel great Shey, thanks a lot for your encouragement. When did you start writing, and when did you find your groove?

    • Lol, listen I happily and willingly encourage those who I think are talented. I look forward to reading their posts and their work. There’s a wealth of it out there that is constantly amazing. Keep going. You have talent in many fields. I would count writing even of you feel it is harder to get it to flow.
      Hell, I have scribbled away since I was seven. which sure wasn’t yesterday. I ‘ve worked off and on in the field professionally. Like that I wanted a fiction book out and that is one brutal mountain to climb so eventually a few years I veered into romance which is not my scene at all, to get out there.( Even then I didn’t go for writing deals and gigs I could have had cos BTO I just CANOT stand writing all that purple prose shit.) (Pretend you never heard that) So I don’t know about groove but….. I keep going.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Thanks again Shey, truly I mean it. It is hard to keep personal encouragement up, myself, I am really quite hard on myself. But, as with writing, I just constantly fall into the ‘is there a point to this story’ or ‘is this just writing for the sake of writing’ – slowly I am finding a common ground and when the ‘right’ feeling comes, whether I have to write it on my phone or home on the computer, I post it. Sharing is the most challenging part for me. Anyone can just write for the sake of writing, I guess.

        I am going to buy your book in a nek minnit (next minute) 🙂

        Yesterday I read in the paper about writing ‘in a field where individuals must survive on unusually high levels of optimism’

        Please disregard this video if you have no understanding

  2. Listen, I think any creative person suffers those same agonies about personal encouragement. BTO, there’s days I think why am I doing this? I am shit through and through. But I read somewhere about creative people having this need to be out there just as they have this need to hide themselves. There’s also the seven stages of suck about everything we create. You know the…this is brill, I wrote/drew/ whatever this? To the how could I write/draw/whatever this…shit… I think unless you are really full of the same shit, then the entire process is a battle. Sharing is a part of that. I always try in whatever I am writing to look at the conflict in it then at least I am not asking is this just written for the sake of it. You know putting the words down regardless. I see a lot of folks easily ticking their word quota box for the day that way but then you clock there is no conflict at all in what they’ve put down. They have a rigid plot worked out in advance and they stick to it the whole way even when it ain’t making sense now in terms of their characters. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight. Listen you didn’t have to buy my book. You are really really kind to do that. Truly. You’ve made my day xxxxx

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Yes, it is a liberating struggle of goodwill and shackled freedom.

      Process, process, process. Got to love it.

      How intresting you look at the conflict, I shall use that. I tend to look for common threads, and connections ie a colour, an object, or something other that ties the next post together. I am sure this would be completely different, though in terms of writing novel length prose.

      I could never imagine being that way, in any aspect of my life. Sometimes I envy those people who can be so da-da-da do-do-do this that that this, it seems so rigid and dead and almost relieved from feeling everything so darn deeply.

      No worries, for me reading and genre does not matter. The way I read books, is not back to front, nor do I get into the story. I enjoy reading, reading words in general just for reading (strange I know) and I am sure connecting in with your energy will prove to be immensly uplifing dear Shey.

      Enjoy the day that was made, and another infinte number, of.

      much love

      • You too my darling. You know the sun is actually shining here at 8 in the morning. That is such a rare occurrence. Such a spirit lifter. Yeah I do not like rigid. And I think when you write short pieces then yes things like color are wonderful for connecting.. OR HEY.. Mannequins. xxxxxxxxxx

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