Louis is out

Both Adrian looked more like the painting than the actual subject. Sometimes it just happens that way. He entered the shop shyer than usual, as a comparatively matched pear. Gifting him brothers service, whilst sardines were packed into trays for the freezer. A shyness of knowing, but hardly showing. These sent victims of a higher power, are always seen, yet never relayed back. Partly because it has become an annoying game, mostly because, it’s annoying game. Hoping for game over and point blank hellos.

This is Steve and as always, has nothing to do with the above story from Friday at the fish shop. Yesterday, after gathering a section of movies to analyze and never watch properly, I saw Louis. I always see Louis out the front, but this time there was a story. Steve happened to see me at the fence, whereby I informed him that his mannequin was a pervert, pointing to the Baywatch babe adorning the phone box. He politely moved him closer. What an assistant.

14 responses to Louis is out

  1. I saw some in the window of a closed down shop just the other day. Some with heads missing, others short of a limb or two. Stuff of nightmares. Rather like the shoes you chap is wearing though.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Yeah I too see these, partly malfunctioned mannequins around town. Often the shop keepers think I am a secret shopper, and quickly fix them up. Can’t see the shoes but will go into the post and look at them but probably wont re-comment, but I bet they are fine going by your judgement Mike.

  2. Wow.. ‘malfunctioned’ mannequins. What can I say? Apart from brilliant. As we say here in Scotland, pure, dead brilliant…

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Mannequins get a bad wrap. They are actually alright in my books, although totally inhuman regarding their size. Thanks Shey, brought your book by the way and shall get it June sometime, looking forward to reading 🙂

      • You’re too kind my honey. YOu really are. I can’t thank you enough. (Hides now ) I think mannequins can be cool! I would love to take one out on the town.

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