Some may suggest themes of animal inequality, gang culture, inflation. Others delightful breakfast pursuits. The real deal; gun mug discovered and reformed with other ceramics for no reason . A whoopie daisy for the future. Reason. They all fell down. Most looked sound direction. The I of me, mugged by mirror eyes, felt quite silly and hid. Felt. Looking away was vital for temporary survival. Milk.

Most days are made up of a number of whoopie daisies. Sometimes when doing things, I think, what whoopie daisy is this going to lead to? Whoopie daisy used to be whoopsie daisy. Hopefully, growing up into the ever increasing infancy state, there will only be daisies. Eventually just sies.

18 responses to Mugged

      • like the term, ‘black on black violence’? I shouldn’t be laughing, but… lmao

        I consider it a great thing that you know nothing about that sort of life! 😁👌

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Oh ok, cheers for the clarity with love, dot i/0 👌🏻

  1. I still can’t find the keyboard on the previous post, You, know. the one designed by Logan and Co. It surely must have become an instant classic design already, no?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Yes it is, a classic design of impermanence , You, know, Co.

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