Without the plentitude of story

‘The imagination of the creative, enters into presumed fraternity with the “thing” and ventures, using language and narrative, to furnish the speculative psychological inscape of the object of attention’ – Geordie Williamson, ‘Purer Mirror’- The Australian: Review

Changed a few words around in the above sentence to make it sound better, to me, to thing. Inscape word comes up with red error line underneath letters. Part of thing’s wants to add the word to the dictionary, yet another thing wants to leave it looking partial landscape. Horizon. Yesterday, I left the house to buy glue. Patted a dog named Pug and returned home to a rainbow. After crying, I proceeded to glue some things in the oversized children’s scrapbook, with masking taped kitchen utensil play-set on front. Thing’s deserve an apostrophe.


10 responses to Without the plentitude of story

  1. Such a fine muse upon that things ‘little’ to some yet so very ‘big’ to those who see. This is likely the only good thing I’ll read this day.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      you are too kind. I actually forgot to write about how the dog was not a pug, yet named pug, but have now, here so all is well!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Yeah, always wanted to call a dog Pelican for some reason!

      • We once had 43 goldfish all called Brian, plus a 44th called Black Brian because he was black. When we moved house my dear wife didn’t like the look of the purchasers so the Brian’s plus Black Brian (her favourite) were delivered up to the big pond at the garden centre up the road and have lived there happily ever after. By the way I couldn’t think of what to comment on your photo collage today…blown away (inadequate words), loved it. Anyone reading this thread should visit your blog methinks

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Best story ever.

        That is such a wonder, my gosh. Yes, Ive always wanted to have a dog named Pelican and a singular, live oyster in a tank called Mr. Pearl. But the pelican dog idea is growing old, and I am kind of over that now.

        Thank you so much, I often have minimal to say after reading your words, so if you just find a foot like, don’t take it as less of.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      My first draft usually looks more red than black. Without auto-correct, I’d have to say, most of my words would be incomprehendable !

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