Habitual symbolism

The mug featured on this featured image mug is Marty’s mug. His bread mug. Bread mug rests on lawn mouse pad; made with a photograph of lawn from the backyard, bread mug – same process, just with bread. Bread mug has also, glad wrap roll in box, knives hovering above on a magnetized wedge. There is a banana, saucepan and power socket to the left of bread, just out of view. They were just there at the time. The time when bread loaf was photographed (just before Christmas) when mug and mouse pad were created. Both gifts from his non-bread eating daughter with parrot named Manu.

When I think of my dad, Marty, lawn and bread come to mind. Bread accompanies Marty’s every meal, even if bread is the meal. It’s only topping, butter.

Apparently, the baker at Boulangeria 113 tells him off, suggesting he not buy all the loafs. Perhaps leave some ciabattas for fellow patrons. They suggest to order the ciabattas before-hand, yet he, Marty says he doesn’t know when he is coming.

Marty eats bread every morning. He then admires his lawn, thereafter.

Lately my coffee drinking, vessel habits have been peculiarly selective. Downgrading from mugs, to a normal cup size. A curved side with fluted top is the preferred shape. The coffee tastes better, stays hotter longer, and I think, respects the drops purist form. When eating something, I want it to taste of what it is- whatever it is. The loaf of bread on the mug is unfortunately- not a ciabatta, but a lovely baked round from one of the customers at the prawn factory. Sometimes they bring lasagna.

dads bread mug and lawn mouse pad on my mug 2

Father and daughter






15 responses to Habitual symbolism

  1. I never buy bread; I like it too much. A friend of mine’s father ate nothing but oranges and tinned sardines for over thirty years. Seriously, even on Christmas day, and on birthdays, whether sick or well – same two things for more than three decades. Spanish, he was.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      That is as hilarious as it is brilliant. I wonder where he got enough roughage to have clear, solid bowel movements?

      Was he philosophical?

      Bread is good, but I can’t remember how good because when I eat the gluten free stuff it’s always cosi-cosi.

      • I shall ask my friend about his dead father’s bowel movements at the earliest opportunity, Jessie.

        As far as I know, he was not philosophical but certainly a genuine eccentric.

        If you had to live on just two foodstuffs, what would they be?

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Please do, and report back.

        He probably just realised, what the hell, I am going to do what I want. Sardines and oranges, it is. Where they canned sardines?

        I thought about your question, all day, and I can’t pick. I love food way too much, and variety, love variety. But someone just recently, when I asked them a similar question about fruit, answered, whatever is in season. I really liked this answer, told them that, and have added this to my phrase bucket from other people.

        So, whatever is in season, two of those things.

      • Oh yes, tinned sardines, definitely. He lived near Madrid, so not near the coast for fresh ones, but there are sardines aplenty in Spain, as there are many oranges too. On a related note, I gather there’s a trend for busy people eating exactly the same thing on each particular day of the week. This has the boon of them never having to think about shopping lists, or working out how to prepare new dishes, as the whole process is streamlined and saves time. If you follow it to its logical conclusion, you may well arrive at tinned sardines and oranges every day. If I had to choose two foodstuffs to live on it would be brown Basmati and broccoli. Assuming we’re all allowed oil and spices, that would do.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Yeah, who cares about food these days- it only just keeps you alive.

        Good choice! Broccoli rocks and rice would most indeed keep your bowels in working order. What spices would be your favourite to accompany the chosen two?

      • Ooh, well, you’d have a range of spices and oils, like I said, but I’d usually include something with a bit of a kick I suppose – crushed black peppercorns or chillies or ginger. Thinking about it, I’d miss muesli, as I eat tons of that. If I had to live on one thing it would be muesli, and that would be an easier way of getting the protein than through mountains of rice and broccoli. The old Spanish boy made quite a healthy choice with sardines and oranges, when you think of all the good things they’d give you in just those two sources. And they kind of work together, or apart. Mind you, all those oranges – that’s a lot of acid in the gut, so things might get a bit . . . free-running. o_O

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I loved museli, oats anything and everything that is carbohydrate, bread, pasta -but me boady ain’t , nor the clarity of mind. High protein works best for me.

        The oranges may turn alkaline in the gut, I know lemons do.

        Are broccoli for tea, just then, actually!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      That’s so good Marissa, it’s not the best for you anyways

  2. We have this stuff called potato bread
    I’m addicted to it
    I love my dad I miss him
    But his food habits were weird
    Thank god I didn’t get them

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Sounds delicious, what was weird about his food habits sheldon?

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