Balcony on deck chair with swirls

Half of this drawing is drawn with Lumin. The neighboring house, with ruler. The ruler found in the forth draw of this house. At the time, before drawing, I searched everywhere for the ruler. Last drawing places, round the back of things. As was the cube, left wing of house, upstairs. Naught to be surrendered. I even did, a double search because people sometimes tell me my looking for things can be liked to a ‘man’s look’. Many wives say this about their husbands, when they can’t find things. It’s like this funny husband and wife thing to say, along with admitting to how much alcohol was consumed. These supposed funny adult meme’s, that make them feel silly childish. But mostly on unaided, constitutional repeat.

Anyway. The light on the balcony, at this time of day has the ability to capture attention for hours on end. And it does.

A swoosh of some carpet over head, the drawing stopped and questions posed. Why does he clean the rug, and where in the house does that slice of carpet comes from. Aside kitchen sink. After pondering the symbolics of such, the other neighbor’s slice of carpet made that sound (not the one in the drawing) and the one adjacent, across the grass field with fig trees.

Trees bearing fruit almost ripe for consumption.

I felt deep admiration for certain aspects of certain ritualistic practices. Be them as simply mundane as a positioned piece of fabric whereby feet interact. When Grandpa left, I stood on the cleansed carpet and made a batch of almond clusters. Then did another ruler search. It was not as much a search as a walk in and know where it is. Type thing. The upstairs room, down the right side of singular couch, with priest painting above. The one rested on with refuge in a position unlikely to those abiding comforts.

Before making our way to dinner together, I ran to the fridge and grabbed a cluster.

‘I made something for you’

Before that, my own kitchen fabric slice was dusted over the balcony, just like him.

chair ruler with arrow.jpg

Drawing on history with contemporary arrows

14 responses to Balcony on deck chair with swirls

  1. Your eye for shapes and symmetry amazes me. Yes, men have a way…you know they say ‘where are the scissors?’ and you say ‘in the drawer’ and then they open and close the drawer quickly and tell you they weren’t in there.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks Marissa, my hand loves piecing together eye puzzles.

      People can be such funny people I find!

  2. Marbles are a terrible thing to misplace. I’ve had to seek out these recent posts of yours…thought you had stopped posting. My ‘Reader’ thing isn’t showing them even though I am following this blog…plainly something in the system is ‘lost’!

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      No, no, since being here, I’ve had to either schedule the post, or press a day in the past, or something, not really sure what I’ve done, but just pressed buttons till the other button said ‘publish’. Hoping others will find it in the eventual!

      • Also, thinking about it, when you have commented on one of my posts of late I have had to ‘approve’ the comment…that’s not happened before either!

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        probably all the fear based programming here

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I am unsure, really, but everything does seem overly complicated sometimes

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