Low ink palette

‘Enchanted by the symbolic aesthetics of the embedded paradigm’Cai Guo-Qiang, On Creation, What about the art?

There’s an innate sensibility that desires to glimpse the hypothalamus in action. It’s not even innate or sensible, really at all. The conductor was described yesterday as an almost God like figure of the body. At the re-positioned house of healing. Remembering the exact word string delivered in reference- long gone. Which is a pity, because single words like almost in front a word as God, could cause fault without rain check. Key word could. Like the pyramid scheme, in business and that secret type your not meant to talk about. Hierarchies inevitable lick avoided in spiral hinge.

Skepticism has an incurable grasp. Grass. Grid versus nature.

Apparently shapes have meaning, and all the cool kids know it. Meaning is for those without courage to accept nothing as everything. Previous sentence wants a contradictory phrase. Meaning. Perhaps just different meaning, than the other meaning. Those is probably me, and meaning has mean within. It is awfully hard to avoid, shapes, or the idea you are capable enough to talk through them. Or is it they speak through you. In case of leading certain ideas into the wrong ideals. Or vise versa. Such as cross hatch, avoided to plague extremes; finding itself three lots, canvas spine.

But even a leaf under the microscope reveals similar patterns. Perhaps a disclaimer on shapes stating, do not take my word for it.

Week previous would have G words banished in fear. Salt has been replaced with anchovies. Mustard on the do to list. Succumbed to time related questions in regards to building and inhabitants. Paint colour schemes dictated by the low ink printer.

14 responses to Low ink palette

  1. ‘…nothing as everything…’ caught my eye particularly. Philosophy for those who think unlike others think…it’ll never catch on which is one of the great shames of life. Nice one Just Jessie, nice one indeed.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      thanks Mike, I guess it doesn’t really matter if it catches on or not, but it would stop a lot of stuff happening, but maybe its meant to be happening? I don’t know

  2. It is a wonderful painting, Jessie – powerfully enigmatic. Are the colours of the original quite different? I don’t understand your word shapes much at all. Could you believe in something you might call God?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks Hariod. The reference print out is almost exact, give or take a few layers to do once this initial one has dried. It is interesting, because the last couple paintings (portraits) have been predominantly red, or blue and this one is yellow- as the red ink yet is low in the printer. Primaries. Which ultimately make up my palette in different intensities.

      As to God, or something that you might call it, I am unsure, as with most of everything. I’ve actually been pondering the word ‘believe’ and think it is a useless word. Knowing seems stronger, and less dual. If anything, the word love seems more better feeling, and isn’t that what everything is anyway- feeling? God is too political these days.

      What do you believe in?

      • Thankyou Jessie. I’m unclear – this is painted by hand with a physical brush, and not a digitally brushed painting, is it? I’d be amazed if the answer was no.

        I like what you go on to say a great deal, and in answer to your question then I’ve often pondered what it is that I believe in, and the only thing I can say I do believe in is love. I don’t even think that’s completely true, and it’s more accurate to say that the only thing I believe is that love (and its manifestations) is all that matters. What use is it to say “I believe in love”? It doesn’t really assert anything other than that some idea is being clung to as regards something that’s really quite abstract.

        So, by my saying that I believe “love (and its manifestations) is all that matters”, then it feels to me as if there’s some pragmatic value in that belief. It affects how I interact with and view the world; it means that I will care about the world and others. It’s like an inherent moral imperative of much of what I (or anyone) will do. It results in harmlessness, which seems like a very great virtue.

        To put a label on myself as regards the matter of belief, then I’ve long considered myself a relativist, meaning things are more or less accurate dependent only on the perspective from which they’re seen. I’ve often argued on blogs and with people that the terms Truth and Reality are ultimately useless concepts. What is unreal? Even if I believe in the existence of unicorns, then there’s still a phenomenon occurring, and that phenomenon is ‘real’, in that it exists, or is apprehended – i.e. something happened in the shape of awareness.

        God. Yes. Anything can be God. God is a cauliflower. On the other hand, the cauliflower wouldn’t change if God didn’t exist. I’m happy for people to use the word; I just don’t want them to proselytise about their beliefs. Again as a relativist, the concept of God is on a sliding scale of meaning (to me) dependent upon the perspective from which it’s offered. Some usage of the word I feel altogether more related to than others.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Yes I agree with you on most of your response, especially God is a cauliflower. Were you baptised as a child? Religious family? Or have you followed any other religious beliefs through life ?

      • Not baptised, and I’ve never followed any religions whatsoever, Jessie. I immersed myself in Buddhist Dry Insight meditation very heavily for 25 years, virtually living in a monastery most of that time, but never was interested in religious cosmology. So really, just the psychological analysis, and the philosophical side – Theory of Mind.

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Ah ok, yes. That’s a really long time , well done ! Theory of the mind sounds perfect. What was the reason you left?

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