Sometimes left, mirror right or something

This morning time pocketed itself towards an early start button. A chunk of at least 6 hours unaccountable for. I know this because as eye flung open, window -other side – sound; body made way, same time as the other door. Moving twos. It is scene something, something a rather. Body language with keratin accents.

Just before the bell encrusted, change room drama was left. A couple days before. Hair started parting itself to the left, sometimes. For how many years middle part cherished an unfortunate cow lick. Somehow flattened a way path, trodden occasionally by sharp talons. Now this. I come to realize that hair fall out is due to poisoned water, and perhaps having one side with a fuller complexion, amounts to more than two limp counterparts trying to tuck themselves behind ears. Listening.

rocking horse.jpg

I drew this yesterday whilst baby sitting my niece. She cried for two hours straight, screaming mum, mum up. My arms were not enough to comfort her. Not even the pencil could distract her mind, nor the many cucumber offerings. Not even my tone deaf voice trying to sing.

11 responses to Sometimes left, mirror right or something

  1. You’ve got poisoned water there? A village just to the south of where I once lived in Cornwall had poisoned water one summer, and all the residents hair started turning green. Seriously, it was an aluminium decontaminant (or somesuch) that wasn’t washed through before the water supply was turned on again.

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      I’ve just ordered a shower head filter, because I think it’s something to do with the heating of water that makes the chemicals more soluble to skin. Worth a try .

      Oh golly, that sounds interesting. Surley not too green I’d imagine

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thanks Shey, at the time far from metaphor, currently- now, slightly more so

  2. insanity or genius? I gotta quit reading the comments, now about singing and cucumber offerings…sometimes life is that way. 🙂 as for water, I swear New Orleans heated water is much worse than unheated too. 😐

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Hey Robert. Yeah, not sure about either of those words but maybe we could create something between like, Insanious or, genity?

      Yes the munchkins are that way. It is the age too.

      Water is so important, and we are running low on good stuff. But in comparison to many places, less well off, I cannot even complain and feel like such a princess doing so, but…

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