It only becomes

When scene becomes seen, awareness flips inhale through a limitless dissolve. Another want in the roller coaster between changing faces. The unfortunate labels of alphabetic foe. One side of house, expecting. Another, on the reform within more space dispersal. Expecting not in revisions of birth; though grapevines would consider in faith, regardless of minimal interaction with mind junctions. Because point centre, as individual experience only, becomes wayward in the minds of those unable to replace emptiness through means of tyranny.

Euphemisms as everyday attire.

The featured image is from a recent trip with two fathers. One a priest. One a dad. Having the word priest in many of my current writings (surface as often as it has) is the strangest occurrence. Norm is short for Norman, one of the crew members on the prawn boat Brianna-Rene-Adele. I like his label the most, because norm can also be short for normal. Of which seems to have taken a backseat of late.

16 responses to It only becomes

      • one of those silly comedies that spends most of its time spoofing other movies or telling bad jokes. What more does one need from a movie besides entertainment, after all? 🙂

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Oh yes, used to love those. Scary movie 3 was a fav. Nowadays I have limited scope in current movies to even catch on to the skit. What was your last flick?

  1. My last flick on my computer was An End To Killing,

    a Chinese movie that was on Youtube, might still be. Must find a version with English subtitles or dubbed, however. The last two theater movies were A Walk In The Woods (it’s so-so) and a Costa Rican movie, Maikol Yordan, that must be dubbed or subbed, again. I saw it in Spanish

    Maikol Yordan,

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