Lack nothing from extension

Music by Max Richter, Dream 3 (Sleep Remixes)

Lack Nothing occurred after The Not’s went on their first expedition outside. Lack is the stool name, nothing is on the canvas.

14 responses to Lack nothing from extension

  1. A life-line if I ever saw one *nods a lot*. Very relaxing to watch too, nothing ‘wired’ about that. The atmosphere deepens as the huge vein pulses into the garden.

    – esme waving upon the Cloud

  2. Oh Jessie, this is just exquisitely beautiful. Really, I think it’s the greatest of all your videos. I felt a deep poignancy and contemporary relevance in the idea of cabling – current, digital pulses – becoming part of our ventricular system, a life-support. Really, many congratulations; this is an absolute triumph.

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