Unbaked clay

It’s not something I deliberately do, it’s just something that happens naturally. When numbers present themselves together, within miniature clusters- begging for revision as a whole- adding takes place. Just as Cafe 82 is replaced with Equals Ten in head, 887 became twenty-three, then Simply Five. Equals Ten should really work its way down to Just One- given the workings of this natural thing that just happens, or more the inability to allow numbers to stand side-by-side. Just. But sometimes poetry prevails, ringing a fine tune, whereby numbers turn words, demanding less structural accordance to this natural (compulsive) thing that just happens. Become.

Ticket lady bullied oneself into seat  #25. I say bullied because she said ‘can I bully you into this seat?’ , in which I replied ‘yeah‘. I then suggested that her bully was not really considered proper bullying, and she questioned, is it quite possible, that my suggestion of her bully style, actually became a bit of a bully. Bullying her bully?

Laughter and the parting of ways.

The featured seat is not seat #25-nor is it Seat Seven- but rather a velvet lounge in which I left a portion of unbaked clay.

Simply Five deserves two high fives to equal Ten, One. What a show.

7 responses to Unbaked clay

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        I cook in pots too, they are good for that. Neither have I, done clay in a while, but I made a little pot once

  1. Suitably surreal for first thing on a Sunday morning methinks. When I read ‘unbaked clay’ I wondered if the packet it came in said ‘defrost thoroughly?

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