It’s not unusual

Either polka dot dress or Kim’s hat lead to the discoveries. I am unsure, however polka dot dress was chosen, even before dropping off certain mechanical parts for the boats air conditioner yester morn, before the bread, even before the visual pleasantries of Kim’s hat. I knew the day was peculiar in tone. A backwash variety.

Firstly because wearing something as exuberant as an ankle length, warm hued polka dot dress – is unlike natural selections of late. Natural -unusual- selections. Crowd blend. Secondly, the drawn diagram to get bread for factory, happened to be within backstreets of the Entertainment Centre. The place where I met asparagus Stan, and began quite literally a quaint obsession with filming just about, everything. Everything.

Being the second time out for the day, there was no expectation.

If asparagus Stan happened to be there, again, there would be no hesitation as to informing him of the spaghetti vegetable. The best, non-spaghetti, alternative. A vegetable, that when forked (after baked) turns into kind-of spaghetti. Named The Original Spaghetti Vegetable in the supermarkets, and just nothing at the markets.

How I managed (within one isle) of a everything two- dollars eighty, find two life enhancing discoveries (lifeblood) and one necessary for another part of something- that would eventually add up to a sufficient creation- and the eventual enthusiasm- is beyond me.

Chair socks, in pairs of four. Light bulb tea-strainer. Door hinge.

It’s not unusual that clothes determine pathways, or pathways determine clothes. Although one thing is certain, if I never felt dots, I’d never have walked around in lies, copying dots, as dots. Way to much shame for someone who picks up others rubbish and gifts it to others.



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