Original canvas hat

It is not overly original that this hat is inspired by Lady Gaga. Painted with original canvas makes it seems that way. Here, original canvas hat is resting on a table round, within a circular lounge arrangement within a level of a large building with heaps of lifts, providing statistics. The Australian Bureau of Statistics. After receiving a parking fine, I thought it was detrimental to the ebb and flow of all things (government related) to participate in a paid interview, by government systems.

The interview room, was like every other interview room. A corner plant, in the corner.

A profit margin of twenty-dollars, after the fifty-dollar fine.


16 responses to Original canvas hat

  1. I have a hat like that. Sadly, three years ago the wind took it off my head and into a puddle of rainwater and oil. It is stained beyond repair and now resides in the cupboard under the stairs.

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