A day not this one

12 responses to A day not this one

  1. I really enjoyed that, Jessie. I think the audio track worked very well, and the absence of music seemed something of a departure for you, perhaps? The silence in the end section was particularly effective. Is it worth buying a fancy coffee making machine like yours? Are they a great advance on the venerable plunger we’ve previously discussed?

    • Jessie Martinovic – Author

      Thank you Hariod. I very much enjoy the as is sounds, and very much enjoy the process of coupling imagery. Do you think music is decorative and a little unnecessary? Entertainment versus art?

      You could buy one, it is very noisy though. Ear muffs, perhaps?

      • Tricky to generalise about adding a music soundtrack, I suppose. In general, they tend to be emotively used, of course, and if one is conscious of that then they’re nothing more than a source of irritation — one feels aware of the attempt at being manipulated emotionally. That said, then there’s nothing inherently wrong with emotional responses, and in fact they’re desirable in art appreciation, one might say? In short, I think it comes down to the subtlety of application. It needn’t be all or nothing, naturally, though it’s hard to cut music to a 3 or 4 minute video without the edit points seeming a little too obvious, wouldn’t you think? Sometimes, hyper-real foley might be better?

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Interesting. Love the word manipulate, I must have to manipulate myself into emotive responses with the idea of coupling music to imagery. It does tend to produce more of a narrative rich sequence, in comparison to no musical attachments.

        It’s almost, though like dissecting a song. Listening over and again, and again to various (initially) unnoticed sounds. Clicks and tings. A hum.

        There’s some kicks in getting timing right , also.

        Emotional responses in art, I am unsure . Feeling and emotion are quite different.


        What’s hyper-real foley? Does it have edit points?

        Thanks for the constructive comment- a breath of fresh hair !

      • Jessie Martinovic – Author

        Of the common tricks, Id have to say “frozen romaine lettuce makes bone injury noises”, on par with “canned dog food can be used for alien pod embryo expulsions”. Let’s not forget, “1/4 inch (no more, or less) audiotape balled up sounds like grass”.

        I never knew the term, and most probably like everyone else- unaware of its use in film. Effective . Thanks !

      • I first became aware of it when a friend was working as a foley editor at Pinewood Studios here in England. A great many of the sounds we hear on film are not what they appear to be, because the substitute sounds sound more real than the real thing! That’s what I meant by ‘hyper-real foley’. Also, the brain hears what it expects to hear, so I suppose that’s why scrunching frozen lettuce can sound like a shattering arm, if that’s what the visual clue is.

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