Feels good

This is the life, felt. Placed outside on triangle shaped earth, period dating 29th July to August 14th. Received segments marking days beginning, and ending.

On the 14th August, upon returning to space (day ending) This is the life, felt- had been moved. Initial elation (of it having been stolen) being replaced with ‘oh, there it is’ mind talk, accompanying abdomen warmth feeling.

Left facing backwards on garden shed over night, before reuniting it with this side of the fence. Once again.

To be continued…

8 responses to Feels good

      • Me? A tale of woe after a fall in France leaving my eyesight not as good as before yet that aside I’m in splendid nick for an ancient old fool. WP is sometimes a difficult place to be in, yet your gift for words (words being my thing) I wait for. Best wishes.

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